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FF6? FF6?

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i'm so freaking jealous of all you artists... it's getting to a point where i can't even get on this site anymore...
oh, btw, i gotta agree with snipper... from what i can tell
matt= tank
natz= mage
lance equals= all-rounder
nolegs=.... um, oh, healer, i guess, since natz is more of a black mage

seeing as how matt is dead and natz has the most life, it's wrong. you know final fantasy.
matt should have atleast a little bit less than a quarter of his life
natz should have 72 not 172, the other two are fine.
but are these slimes like some of those rare enemies you find in every dungeon, for example, like behemoth in ff3's underwater dungeon after you clear the darkness from the land and you need to get the magic... lyre? i think it's a lyre, not sure. y'know, those enemes that are about 20 levels higher than you? is that what these slimes are supposed to be?

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matt-likes-swords responds:

Naw, the party is just really weak.

Art Progress Thing Art Progress Thing

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Matt, do you have any idea how much i would kill to be able to draw like you can? you have a gift man! don't squander it.

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My Real Life Nightmare My Real Life Nightmare

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abstract answer

quote from jesus christ: " one of you will betray me, it would have been better if he would have never been born." jesus uses the word betray intead of kill, the question, "how evil are you if you save me?" clearly shows that you are pure evil with a will to kill, no not will, lust to kill, therefore it is pure to kill you

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Zelldoom responds:

Oh god O.o!!! this has something to do with jesus?!

Shyguys Shyguys

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no longer are they shy...

" fellow shyguys! the time has come to rise and take this kingdom as our own! so cast off your masks and don your battle armour! it's time for war!"

5439cct responds:

No more will we be taken down by planted food...

Castlevania: POF Castlevania: POF

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lol, hit the nail on the head

in EVERY 2-d castlevania ame, that's how it went down, only most of the time it wasn't that easy, most of the time drac one, or transformed twice.

Robot jetson Robot jetson

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JACK-IN-THE-DARK responds:

Its not.

Spider-Girl Spider-Girl

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how did i see this coming?

oh yeah i know, your parts in street fighter collab and mgs disc 01

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Ghoul Concept Ghoul Concept

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it looks like a photograph

awesome job! uh hehe, i'm sorry to ask this but could you scout my art? it's been up for a month now

Aigavlov Fight Aigavlov Fight

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he's full of secrets

..... maybe he's god.... or whatever god is head in hyrule

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Kill Me Now Kill Me Now

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your a madman...

this is morbidly obese, take this down, your ability to draw is fine, your ART is disggusting, make something better!

CloseToGhost responds:

I dunno if this is 'obese', neither will I take it down. I don't believe in censorship!
I'm glad you think my ability to draw is fine.
If it makes you feel better, I sketched this out while drinking, I do do other things.
Thanks for the 0.